Learn Grasshopper pose in 4 Steps--- @jessicaleeyoga


1. Standing with the feet together, lift the right foot and cross it over your left thigh just above the knee like a figure 4. Keep the right foot flexed and slowly bend the left leg into a half chair pose, shifting the weight into the left heel. Bring the hands together in front of the heart and twist to the left, reaching the right elbow to the sole of the right foot. If you can get the armpit close to the arch of the foot, drop the right hand down by the right foot and extend the left arm into the air. 

2. Keep working as deeply into the twist as possible, sinking deeper into your left leg until you’re close enough to place your hands, shoulder-width apart, on the ground to the left side.

3. Gaze past your fingertips and begin to lean into Chaturanga arms. The key is to create a shelf to stand on, which means you need to bend into a full 90-degree angle.

4. As you reach the full angle, keep the elbows squeezing in and take a nice stand on the right tricep. Keep looking forward and draw your left foot tight into your butt. Feel free to stay here, or you can extend the leg straight. With time you'll be able to hover the straight back leg behind the elbow!

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