200-HR Yoga training w/ @step.yogalogic

STEPHANIE LEUNG - The True Warrior

I first stepped onto the mat in 2016 with no sport / relevant background. That’s how I experienced my transformation journey with yoga. Yoga not long changes my physical body, but also my mind to be a stronger person.

Through Asanas practice and meditation, I found my inner self and maintain a balance between my Yin & Yang. I have finished my first 200-HR yoga teacher training with Samrat Dasgupta in 2018. I have been started my full time yoga teaching after I graduated. I hope I can share my learning with you all and inspire people around me.



Get inspired her awesome 200-HR yoga teacher training journey on youtube.

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We often heard that yoga is life-changing. Can you tell us your story?

Definitely! I had serious scoliosis during my puberty and I needed to go to therapy to cure my abnormal back issue. It is very difficult for me to stand straight as I could not breathe when I tried to do so. So I don’t have any sport background to start with and I am not flexible at all.

After I practiced yoga, I feel changes happened to my body gradually. I can now stand straight without feeling suffocated and with my chest open (no more hunched back J ) Yoga not only changed my physical body but also my mind. It trained up my will power to not give up easily and not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!


How often do you practice and what is your favorite type of yoga practice? 

I practice almost every day! I believe yoga is a highly discipline dependent lifestyle. My favorite type of yoga practice is vinyasa, a flowy and movement based practice.

Any good advice for friends of how to start a yoga routine?

I think it is best to attend group yoga class with your friends. Not only you can enjoy the time with your buddies, but you can also feel the energy and vibes during the yoga practice. Try out different teachers’ classes as you may know you preference in practice styles.


Do you have a special ritual “well-being” living in a busy city life, do you mind sharing with us?

We spend most of the time associate with other people every day. So I love to have “me-time” every night. Through “me-time” you can slow down and reflect. This helps to relieve stress and regroup our mind before we get to bed and start another new day. I love to write down my thoughts on my journal during my “me-time” and it is actually fun to read it again after 1 month or 2.


Can anyone join your classes? Where and when can people join?

I am moving to Toronto, Canada very soon! I will start my studios hunting and share with you guys every soon! Stay Tune.


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