10-min Trick on Destressing your Neck and Shoulder @YogaGlo

As short and easy as it sounds, there is actually a great online yoga class out there which solves the problem of being a 24/7 business woman who is constantly undergoing high work stress with limited time! This website below, which I only discovered after 3 years of starting yoga, will surely save you a lot of time and money from visiting a spa treatment or massage or even paying for an overpriced crowded yoga studio- I've been there!

YogaGlo offers 10/15/30 mins lessons and if you don't have enough time or energy, this is a perfect way to simply lay out your yoga mat and stretch your tight aching muscles!

They also offer a super cheap and attractive package which is only $18 per month, compare to a traditional walk-in yoga class that can cost you $40 per class or a year package in a yoga studio that cost at least $300 per month locking in for a year--- and yes I tried them all! However, it is still good to go to a close by yoga studio and motivate yourself by working out with other people. For me, once every month is probably a good mix. Before I started working, I was able to go to yoga studio twice every week, but things changed when I reached close to 30 as you can imagine with a busier work schedule.

I highly recommend beginners to start with joining a yoga studio though, so that you get a professional to correct your positions as overstretching your muscles can cause long term injuries. You will be fitter to join Yogaglo and enjoy more once you learn the risks and at least get to level 2 in actual classes prior to online classes.

Check out YogaGlo if you haven't already had, their niche play is the best in my opinion!

What I like about YogaGlo is that you can choose your own duration, level and niche types of yoga (such as neck and shoulder release, nervous system balancing etc). This fits my work life very well as I use computer all day and nothing helps except doing the real work--- that is by stretching, stretching and stretching!  


The posture looks simple but it is a different story once you start! One thing for certain is that, these poses will give you a feeling of after-massage if you do all your poses correctly!

Which part of your muscles hurt most? Try yoga for a week every day if you can, get merely 15 mins out! You will be amazed how good your body feels after the class.

--- Namaste 


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